A year.

Almost an entire year. Gone. As if it never happend. As if nohing ment anything, as if i didn’t mean anything. All this talking, smiling, laughing, happiness…gone as soon as he comes around. Seeing all the things you used to describe me, do all the things we planned to do, with him…hurst on so many levels and only gets worse day by day because hes still there, and because you want him there. The way you describe he makes you feel, i belived i was the only one who could make you feel like that. Sick to my stomache. Every time i would think about you it would put a smile on my face. Now, just pure agony. Bullshit how i feel like this when i prob dont cross your mind once since youre so happy with him. But hey its not like i didnt see all this coming. Eventually evrryone leaves me for someone better. 3 time in a row. Im used to it.

Nothing more peaceful than sitting outside with you at 1am.

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I'm too shy ^.^

aww haha its k im a nice guy, come off annon(:

Everyone promises forever until they find someone better
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Too many bitches who strictly rely on their looks. Can’t bring nothing to the table but 100 likes and an iPhone

Realest shit ever.


im listening.

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love you blog you are so cute<3

Thank you(: but you dont need to be on annon to tell me that haha




nipple piercings are the sexiest

Remember who loved you no matter how shitty you treated them.
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